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  • Thursday, November 28, 2019

    30 days without cigarettes it's five times more likely to stop

    30 days without cigarettes it's five times more likely to stop

    The Month without tobacco is an event that brings together all France during the month of November around the same goal: to stop smoking. Because a month without smoking is five times more likely to stop. During this period, smokers to say goodbye to smoking will be able to benefit from tobacco-info-service and participate in events organized in many cities in France by partner organizations. This initiative has been proven in the UK for several years. 

    Responsible for more than 75,000 deaths a year, smoking is still common in France. Friday, November 1, the Ministry of Health and Public Health France, in partnership with Health Insurance, kick off the 4th edition of #MoisSansTabac. This device, which offers smokers a weaning support day after day throughout the month, already counted on October 29 135 120 registered on the dedicated platform knowing that the health agencies have accounting 580 982 registrations on the first three editions. Why a 30 day public health challenge? Because quitting smoking during this time is 5 times more likely to stop for good.

    Thirty days is indeed the duration beyond which withdrawal symptoms are significantly reduced, so it becomes easier to stay non-smoker. The Public Health Barometer France 2017 had already established the incentive nature of the operation: nearly one in six daily smokers had made an attempt to stop at least 24 hours at the time of the first edition at the end of 2016. Among them Nearly one in five attributed this arrest attempt directly to him, ie about 380,000 stop attempts related to #MoisSansTabac in 2016. "Thus, the event allowed a 20 to 25% increase in attempts to observed over this period. "Says Public Health France.

    How is the ego (s) without tobacco?

    New data confirms the effectiveness of the operation today. Among the smokers who made an attempt to stop at the end of 2016, during the first edition, 6% to 10% of them were still abstinent a year later. However, the rates usually observed in scientific studies are from 3% to 5% when attempting to stop without outside help. Everything is organized to support everyday participants: posters, events throughout France, sports challenges ... In addition, many tools are developed to support smokers in their challenge (kit, brochures ...) and the use of the device. Remote help Tobacco info service (3989, app, website, Facebook) is always possible.

    More precisely, each registration makes it possible to order a kit, and to access contents that will accompany throughout the stop attempt. These include a stop aid kit available on the website of Tobacco info service and pharmacy, remote assistance device Tobacco info service available at 39 89 and via a smartphone app Tobacco info service available in the App store and the Play store. In England, this general mobilization was launched in 2012 and allowed to double the number of stop attempts during the month of the operation compared to one month of October without mobilization. Why this operation takes place in November in France?

    Stopping smoking presents long-term health benefits for all smokers

    "The goal is to increase incentives to quit smoking throughout the year. January and September are the months of good resolutions, May 31, World No Tobacco Day. He missed an appointment at the end of the year to arouse a new interest in stopping smoking. ", Says Public Health France. The latter is also keen to point out that this period of mobilization also concerns non-smokers because when a person stops smoking, she may encounter difficulties (sadness, nervousness, etc.) due to lack. The involvement of non-smokers is therefore a real asset to create an environment conducive to stopping for all future-ex-smokers.

    The leading cause of preventable mortality, cancer mortality and mortality before age 65, tobacco is responsible in France for nearly one in eight deaths, said the Ministry of Health. Public health France measures the prevalence of smoking every year to evaluate the effectiveness of prevention policies and according to its 2017 Health Barometer, the prevalence of smoking rose from 29.4% in 2016 to 26.9% in 2017, a fall 2.5 points: one million fewer daily smokers in a year. It should be noted that in the year following smoking cessation, the risk of coronary heart disease decreases by almost half and that 5 to 15 years later, the risk of stroke becomes the same as for a non-smoker.

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