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  • Thursday, November 28, 2019

    5 benefits of chia seeds

    5 benefits of chia seeds

    Highly concentrated in antioxidants, chia seeds are on the rise. And for good reason, they have everything to please. Low in calories and carbohydrates, high in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and protein, they are easy to incorporate into daily recipes.

    The chia seeds are small, but do not be fooled by their size. Classified as superfood, they contain fiber, antioxidants, omega-3s and essential minerals, and are easily integrated into many dishes. These seeds are part of the mint family, says She knows, and were a staple food for the Aztecs and Mayans.

    Despite this ancient history, they have gained popularity only recently, thanks to their impressive nutritional value, and especially for their antioxidant activity. Here are some good reasons to consume regularly during your meals.

    Low calorie and carbohydrate seeds

    With only 138 kcal per 30 gram serving, chia seeds contain a lot of nutrients, but very few calories. If you monitor your sugar intake, you'll be happy to know that the carbohydrate content of chia seeds is almost entirely made up of dietary fiber.

    Source of fiber

    These tiny seeds can absorb 10 times their weight in water, making them excellent allies for good hydration. Fiber slows the speed of digestion, and helps you feel full longer.

    Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids

    Chia seeds contain the highest level of omega-3s of all plant foods. Adding foods containing omega-3 helps increase "good" cholesterol and protect against heart attacks and strokes.

    Rich in minerals and proteins

    Chia seeds are an excellent source of bone-preserving minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. About 30 grams of chia seeds contain 4 grams of protein.

    Easy to use seeds

    Chia seeds have a sweet flavor. So you can incorporate them into salty and sweet recipes, and add them to smoothies, compotes, yogurts, marinades, salad dressings or sprinkle them on morning fruits and cereals.

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