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  • Thursday, November 28, 2019

    5 techniques to slow down and take your time

    5 techniques to slow down and take your time

    Major changes in our lives, or moments when we are just overwhelmed, can plunge us into a state of distress. Learn to take a step back and enjoy the small pleasures again by slowing the daily run.

    When a child burst into tears, it is easy to see that he was too stimulated by noise, people and activities. After an hour of nap, we know he will be calmer. Yet we fail to recognize these same signs of turmoil when we are concerned with the same problem. A little night, a day of work, a drink with friends, an hour of sport, and here we are on the couch to ask why we are so tired. Here are some tips to slow down, simplify life and learn to enjoy your days.

    Quality and not quantity

    Our relationships with friends, family, colleagues and neighbors enrich our lives. But sometimes we have a tendency to put pressure on us to maintain them. However, even if it is physically possible to spend time in company, it may be psychologically preferable to take a solo break. In weeks when you feel overwhelmed, learn to refuse or postpone some outings.

    To sleep

    As in the case of the child, we may simply need to sleep when anxiety takes over. Do you feel that you are losing control? Are you preparing for a major change? Sit in bed and relax for about 20 minutes during the day, or go to bed earlier. A meditation session can help you get some sleep.

    Decrease information

    At present, news channels and social networks are grabbing our attention all day long. And our mental health takes a hit. Learning about the world around us is important, but once or twice a day is enough. Try to limit yourself when you have coffee in the morning, or in the evening after dinner.

    Listen to emotions

    When we are busy, we can operate the autopilot. The day goes on without us noticing what we really feel. However, repressed emotions expose us to a risk of burnout, reminds the Mindful website. Taking the time to write each day about our emotions allows us to better understand and manage our flow of thoughts, and control our anxiety.

    Personal achievement

    The urge to get a promotion, to win a prize, or to advance at any cost can disconnect us from what really matters to us. Stopping the race for success is not an easy task, but finding pleasure in very simple tasks is so rewarding that you forget about the rest. Have you always dreamed of learning to play the guitar? To draw ? To dance ? To cook Vietnamese? This is the moment or never to start.

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