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  • Sunday, November 3, 2019

    Autumn: filling up with vitamins and minerals

    Autumn: filling up with vitamins and minerals

    To survive the change of season, nothing beats a small invigorating cure that helps strengthen our immune system. And that's good, because autumn fruits and vegetables help us achieve this.

    With the arrival of autumn, we are more exposed to small ailments such as colds, flus, angina and bronchitis. It's time to boost our body and, most importantly, our immune system. Nature is well done because seasonal fruits and vegetables provide us with the nutrients we need most:

    Vitamin C

    This is the vitamin we miss the most in autumn. So we add kiwis, citrus fruits, peppers, parsley, lychees, guava, Brussels sprouts, strawberries and blackcurrant to our diet. A word of advice if you have noted the cessation of smoking in the list of good resolutions back to school: smoking destroys some of the vitamin C. Think about it if you are lacking motivation.

    Vitamin A

    Good for bones, eyes, skin and to strengthen the immune system, vitamin A can be found in many autumn fruits and vegetables: sorrel, spinach, carrots, pumpkin and pumpkin, broccoli , parsley, and sweet potato.

    Vitamin E

    By varying the cooking and seasoning oils, you help fight against oxidative stress and against infections. Vitamin E is found mainly in wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, tuna, hazelnuts and almonds and soy.

    Vitamin D

    You may not be able to get enough sun exposure and you are at risk of vitamin D deficiency. To protect the health of your bones, consider eating fish like salmon, herring, anchovies, sardines and tuna. Also talk to your doctor about prescribing, if necessary, a supplement.


    The only food that provides the recommended daily intake of selenium is the Brazil nut. Otherwise, you can find this trace mineral in crustaceans, canned tuna, offal and turkey and chicken, and some mushrooms.


    This anti-infection trace element is found in oysters, meat, eggs, dairy products, cereals and wheat germ. Small bonus: it is also effective against some forms of acne.


    Essential for the good functioning of our organism, the magnesium is mainly in the products with integral cereals or complete flour, seafood, molasses, cocoa and spinach. You can also find some in mineral waters.

    Warning: Vitamin deficiencies are bad for health, but surpluses too. To keep fit, do not forget to eat well and focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables. If you are pregnant or if your lifestyle does not allow you to eat as you wish, ask your doctor for advice.

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