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  • Thursday, November 28, 2019

    Can we stop the flow of our thoughts?

    Can we stop the flow of our thoughts?

    The inner dialogue with oneself, as well as the evening ruminations, can be calmed by techniques such as meditation. But what about the thoughts in the background constantly led by our brains? Is it desirable and possible to mute them?

    "I'd have to get the dog out longer, but I'm late for work two days in a row, if it happens a third time I'm going to get fired like the mölkky... I played so badly last time to the mölkky with Thierry ... I'd have to send him a message to find out how he's doing... "You know that our thought loops are endless.

    Sometimes we are caught by an irrefragable urge to extinguish our brains and stop thinking. But is it really possible? It all depends on the definition we give to the word "thought", respond experts interviewed by the site Live Science. A thought, which is the result of a chemical reaction between brain cells, can occur at both the conscious and unconscious level.

    Conscious thoughts, such as those that prevent us from sleeping, can be appeased. This is the very principle of meditation. This technique aims to be attentive to one's own thoughts, and to better understand how our attention moves.

    Still at work

    For unconscious thoughts, that's another story. Have you ever realized that you have plunged into your daydreams only when a person snapped their fingers in front of your eyes? It is a classic example of unconscious thinking that becomes brutally conscious. Indeed, the brain never stops thinking in the broad sense. Most of these ideas develop in the background, without our realizing it. And it is not possible to stop this process.

    Decision making, for example, is often unconscious, and may arise in our minds as an instinctive impression. We do not always have conscious access to the decision-making process of our brain. In the same way, it can happen to us to have a name on the tip of the tongue, until it reappears suddenly a few hours later between two thoughts.

    Without these reflexes of thought of our brain, we would have difficulties to live our daily life. So, even if we manage to stop thinking consciously, or reach an empty state of mind through meditation, the brain will not go out.

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