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  • Thursday, November 28, 2019

    Child: activities according to his temperament

    Child: activities according to his temperament

    Is your child shy or, on the contrary, a brawler? Do you think it would be nice to do theater or judo? It is better to choose an activity in synergy with one's character.

    At each September school year comes the challenge: to find an activity, whether sporting or artistic, in which your child can flourish during his or her extracurricular time. Tips to help you make the right choice.

    What activity for a child who is distracted?

    Your little one is in the moon, he has trouble fixing his attention and always seems lost in his thoughts. Stunned by nature, his mind often wanders with his dreams.

    What to propose to him?

    • The visual arts: he will creatively express a part of his universe by focusing on a concrete production. He will also work his concentration.
    • Dance or body expression: he can evolve at his own pace and use his body as a means of expression of his inner world.

    The mistake not to commit

    Offer him team sports, because there is no question of daydreaming when you play football or basketball or you penalize your team

    What activity for a child who is shy?

    Your child lacks boldness and self-confidence. In the presence of people he does not know, he falls back on himself.

    What to propose to him?

    • Handicrafts: drawing, painting, DIY... so many solitary activities that will allow him to express himself without necessarily having recourse to speech. No competition, a calm and happy atmosphere.
    • The pony: your young rider will feel confident with this animal that does not judge him. He will learn to overcome his fears and to gain confidence.
    • Fencing: few physical contacts in this sport that will bring him a good control of his body and therefore a greater confidence in him on the psychological level. The mask, moreover, protects it from the eyes of others...

    The mistake not to commit

    Put him in a theater troupe to "unblock" him!

    What activity for a child who is looking for a fight?

    Your little one is aggressive with his entourage, a bit tyrannical. He needs to be the strongest to show that he exists.

    What to propose to him?

    • Judo: ideal for learning to channel aggression and respect others.
    • Singing: an activity that will allow him to empty himself, to release his too full of energy.
    • Tennis: a discipline that solicits its taste for competition. It's up to him to outdo himself to win.

    Are contact sports dangerous for children? How to practice without danger? video response with Martine Duclos, head of the sports medicine department at the University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand.

    The mistake not to commit

    Join him in a chess club where he risks being stressed with the furious desire to send the game board on his opponent!

    What activity for a child who is clumsy?

    He lacks address. When he shoots in a balloon, it's never in the right direction...

    What to propose to him?

    • The circus school: whatever his abilities, everyone has a chance because the choice is vast. Who knows ... maybe even an asset in a clown number for example!
    • Swimming: in the water, he will find a harmony with his body. He will feel comfortable with the sensation of better coordinating his movements.
    • The musical awakening: we will just ask him to sing and listen to music. No risk of going for a clumsy!

    The mistake not to commit

    The manual work that may confront him to his "handicap" and comfort him in his discomfort.

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