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  • Thursday, November 28, 2019

    Foodwatch deplores the presence of pollutants in two baby milk powder

    Foodwatch deplores the presence of pollutants in two baby milk powder

    Following the completion of laboratory tests, the non-governmental organization Foodwatch deplores the presence of toxic mineral oils in two references of baby milk powder sold in France. It asks manufacturers to immediately recall these products.

    Foodwatch, a consumer non-governmental organization (NGO), today reveals that, based on laboratory tests it has sponsored, two baby milk powder references contain mineral oils that are harmful to health.

    The NGO tested sixteen references of milk powder for babies bought in France (8 of them), Germany and the Netherlands. Results: eight products would contain "a worrying amount of aromatic hydrocarbons of mineral oils, also called MOAH". Of these, two are currently marketed in France by Nestlé and Danone:
    • Nidal Powdered milk 1st age, From 0 to 6 months (Nestlé)
    • Gallia Galliagest Lactose free growth, From 12 months to 3 years old (Danone)

    In detail, half of the products, eight samples, were found to be contaminated with MOAH at concentrations ranging from 0.5 mg / kg to 3 mg / kg product. Nestle's Nidal milk contained 1.2 mg / kg, and Gallia milk from Danone contained 0.7 mg / kg. That said, even if these concentrations may seem relatively low, they have no place to be, as recalled the NGO Foodwatch, citing the recommendations of ANSES, French Food Safety Agency, and its European equivalent, EFSA: "Any exposure to aromatic hydrocarbons of mineral oils in food is a health hazard". Also, "there must simply be no detectable presence of MOAH on our plates".

    Ensuring that "toddlers are not exposed to immediate danger", Foodwatch recalls, however, that MOAH are toxic substances "recognized as being potentially carcinogenic, mutagenic (they permanently alter the DNA) and endocrine disruptors".

    The NGO is therefore calling on Nestlé and Danone to proceed immediately with the withdrawal and recall of the products concerned. It also invites citizens to sign a petition addressed to these two manufacturers to push them to implement this withdrawal, but also to commit to sell products without any detectable MOAH.

    As for how these pollutants are found in powdered milk, the NGO believes that "mineral oils can enter foodstuffs at all stages of the processing chain, from harvesting to packaging, passing by further processing ". Foodwatch's analyzes suggest that mineral oils could be used in the manufacture of metal boxes. If these were not cleaned properly, oil components then migrated from the container to the contents, although this remains to be proven.

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