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  • Thursday, November 28, 2019

    How to free yourself from the fear of critics

    How to free yourself from the fear of critics

    Confronting one's fears and daring to give one's point of view makes it possible to change one's career, one's romantic relationships, and the relationship with one's surroundings. To achieve this, we must begin by accepting the idea of ​​not pleasing everyone and then trusting each other.

    At work, you fear criticism from your colleagues and superiors. At home, you are afraid of criticism from your partner and your loved ones. With friends, you never refuse anything, for fear of being criticized and treated as a bad friend. As a result, you never share your opinion, you do not say what you think, and you retreat when you feel a conflict approaching. Whatever the context, the fear of being criticized blocks you.

    Result: no career development, unhealthy dynamics in the couple, and resentment between friends to silence his point of view. We can remain in silence and choose security. But this security will certainly not take you further than you are right now. You stay stuck and end up accepting this unproductive situation. But there are solutions.

    Face the eyes of others

    Here are some tips for dealing with this fear:
    • Accept the idea that there will be people who will love you and others who will not love you. It's impossible to please everyone, says Thrive Global. Diversity of opinion is what ultimately leads to better results.
    • Change your speech. Instead of thinking, "I can not handle this" or "Maybe they're right about me", think, "I'm strong and I can accept criticism" or "Others do not define me, I define myself ".
    • Concentrate on what you believe in and what you did well. If criticism is constructive, it is a learning opportunity. If this is not the case, it is a reminder that your ideas are touchy and do not leave you indifferent, or perhaps an opportunity to re-evaluate your approach or message.
    • Say what you think. Do not be discouraged by opposing points of view. Avoidance will make you weaker, and not stronger. Do not let others define you. Know what you believe and stay firm.
    • Wait before answering. Your initial reaction to criticism may be emotionally charged and will probably not help you manage the situation in a healthy way. Take a break, take a deep breath and wait. Then, when you have clear ideas, you can formulate an answer.
    • Move on to something else. Thank the person for his return, tell him that you will think about it, then go ahead. Turn the page, take action and avoid ruminating for hours.

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