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  • Sunday, November 3, 2019

    Is interactive home fitness effective?

    Is interactive home fitness effective?

    Two video games propose to play home coaches: the Wii Fit Plus and the Domyos Interactive System. The effectiveness of these programs depends on the frequency and regularity of your practice. Take stock of the levers of your motivation.

    Interactive fitness is the opportunity to practice similar movements to classical fitness ... away from the eyes of others. A shocking argument for people that the gym atmosphere is repulsive and seeking above all more privacy.

    Exercises at home in good conditions

    The Domyos Interactive System (DIS) Fitness Dance game cartridge looks just like an aerobics session; the other game cartridge, Fitness Training, can be played with a step and even dumbbells. The coach (customizable) indicates the right position to adopt, gives advice (breathe well, drink ...).

    The Balance Board of the Wii Fit Plus calculates the center of gravity, and shows on the screen if you adopt the correct posture for each exercise. In addition, you follow, with each of these games, a program adapted to your morphology (taking into account the age, the body mass index ...).

    Am I a player?

    The Wii Fit Plus and the Domyos Interactive System (DIS) are above all ... video games! Interactive fitness updates the credo of any game and any sport: "May the best win! Objectives to be reached, points to collect ... The Wii Fit Plus pushes this logic to the end, with a roll of honor indicating the best scores for each exercise. If you have the sense of competition, it's a safe bet that this aspect will seduce you.

    Small downside: your engine is probably not the sport as such, but its game side Once the records are broken and the different levels unlocked, it is possible that you find much less interest to practice ...

    Fun programs

    Fly by mimicking a chicken, add some hips, juggle a circus ... The Wii Fit Plus has particularly treated this playful aspect, with no less than fifteen balance games resolutely entertaining, can be played in multiplayer mode (up to at 8), in addition to a more conventional fitness program (yoga, bodybuilding, aerobics). The DIS Fitness Play program also puts the game in the spotlight, with the opportunity to play a family game of goose, shots on goal ...

    DIS Fitness Fitness and Fitness Dance game cartridges are more sober and focused on physical activity (stretching, bodybuilding, aerobics). However, with the latter, by plugging your MP3 player on the console, you practice with the music of your choice. A real plus!

    Fitness: Am I willing to spend some time there?

    The interactive fitness does not strengthen the line in ten minutes, no more than one jogging session is enough to restore your health! For physical activity, real or interactive, to give results, it is a matter of doing it regularly and over time.

    Gym too far from home, high cost, inconvenient hours ... Many reasons can dissuade to (re) put to sport. Interactive fitness is an interesting alternative, since you practice from your home at the time that suits you and will quickly pay the initial investment.

    However, if it's the lack of time that has made you stop sporting in the past, it is likely that the scenario will be repeated with interactive fitness. It may be on the side of the agenda that we should then look ...

    Is interactive fitness accessible to everyone?

    Interactive fitness programs are designed to be accessible to everyone, even the most sedentary. The exercises are progressive, little risk of stiffness. With the Wii Fit Plus, you begin and end each program with a few minutes of yoga to relax the muscles and test your balance. The exercises proposed by the Domyos Interactive System (DIS) start slowly and increase in intensity as and when.

    The usual precautions

    The Balance Board of the Wii Fit does not accept a weight exceeding 150 kilos; the DIS (carpet and step), 110 kilos. In addition, Wii Fit and DIS remain video games: their use is not recommended for people with epilepsy. Finally, as a precaution, especially if you are sedentary, it is better to seek medical advice before embarking seriously.

    How much does it cost ?

    - Domyos Interactive System (DIS) marketed by Decathlon or on: Domyos Interactive System Console: 39 euros; intensive carpet DIS: 60 euros.

    - Fitness Dance game cartridge, 49 euros; Fitness Training: 59 euros. Fitness training kit (dumbbells): 39 euros. Domyos Step Concept: 89 euros. (all prices are indicative).

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