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  • Thursday, November 28, 2019

    Mincing belly with essential oils

    Mincing belly with essential oils

    To lose belly smoothly but effectively, aromatherapy is an interesting option. Explanations from a specialist doctor. 

    Do you spend your time pulling on your sweater to hide your belly? And in summer, no question of putting on a two-piece swimsuit? Yet, slim down the belly is possible. It is not a question here of transforming itself radically, or of resorbing completely a really round belly. The goal: to find, more gently, more harmonious curves and digestive comfort.

    The good news: the treatments offered below are short, and are done in a series of one week, no more. "In my practice, I notice that my patients much prefer to do short and repeated treatments. If I offer them a one-month treatment, no one will follow until the end. "Says Dr. Philippe Goëb, an aromatherapy physician.

    What essential oils if my stomach is bloated?

    "When the belly is inflated, it's because there is too much gas," explains Dr. Philippe Goëb. And this expression "belly bloated" also covers a whole procession of digestive discomfort that can be faced. "

    To promote digestion, the first thing to do is to review your diet. "First of all reduce the starchy foods that are famous for giving gas. But more generally, I advise, as far as possible, to limit industrial foods of poor quality, which disrupt the intestinal flora."

    A treatment based on essential oils (HE) can be put in place, but it will be mainly symptomatic... and will not dispense to review its diet and lifestyle.

    To treat bloating, here are some essential oils:
    • Essential oil of Moroccan rosemary, highly concentrated in 1,8 cineole which reinforces the function of purification of the liver;
    • Essential oil of lemon.
    • Instructions for use: to take orally, a drop of each, 3 times a day in cure of a week (a week out of two then a week out of three then a week by month).

    In the background treatment to fight against this bloated belly, some plants promote liver function: milk thistle and desmodium are hepatic tonics, which help the liver in its function.

    "To be treated by the plants several forms are possible, explains Dr. Goëb. Herbal teas are the cheapest, EPS (phyto-standardized extracts) are more concentrated but also more expensive, finally mother tinctures are also effective but contain alcohol. Each method has its advantages ... and its disadvantages. Whatever the form chosen, make cures a week to renew.

    What essential oils if I have cellulite?

    To try to reduce cellulite, you need essential oils that will fight against the retention of water and encrusted fat cells. In aroma, it is possible to make a mixture with which one can massage the belly every day, for the well-being as for the results.

    For this mixture, Dr. Philippe Goëb advises:
    • an essential oil of cypress (cupressus sempervirens), whose interest lies in its monoterpenes which help to remake the connective tissue of the skin;
    • an HE of linalol thyme, for its action on recent water retention;
    • an EO of palmarosa, which has an action on the circulation of the lymph and the encrusted cellulite;
    • finally, Laurel HE (laurus nobilis), both blood tonic and anti-inflammatory skin.

    - Instructions for use: Put this mixture of essential oils in equal parts, diluted to 5-7% in a vegetable oil of macadamia whose quality is to be quickly absorbed. Or keep this mixture of pure essential oils in a bottle and pour 3 or 4 drops of this mixture into a large amount of caffeine-based slimming cream.
    - The trick: apply the preparations after the shower, when the skin is still slightly wet and open pores.
    - Namely: this mixture is suitable for the belly but also for the buttocks, thighs, the inside of the knees, etc. All areas prone to cellulite.

    What essential oils if my skin is relaxed?

    Once the skin is frankly relaxed, there is no miracle method to put it back in tension. Prevention is essential if there is a beginning of relaxation, to keep its flexibility and skin tone.

    A mixture composed mainly of vegetable oils will allow to work directly on the quality of the skin. Here is a recipe suggestion. Mix in equal parts in a bottle:
    • vegetable oil of hazelnut;
    • vegetable oil of sweet almond;
    • vegetable oil of rose hip or grape seeds;
    • add to this mixture a few drops of essential oil of palmarosa appreciated for its draining action.
    • Instructions for use: apply in small amounts on the belly and massage, always out of the shower when the skin is still barely wet and the preparation will penetrate quickly.

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