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  • Thursday, November 28, 2019

    The best sports to avoid injuries

    The best sports to avoid injuries

    A sport-related injury is rarely a concern until it spoils our lives. Yet, there are solutions to preserve your body, choosing low-risk activities, or adopting protective measures.

    The human body is made to move, and physical activity is essential for our health, throughout our lives. But exercise-related injuries are a major concern that few people anticipate, until it's too late. However, a slight sprain can sideline an athlete for weeks, and a sport-related injury can be discouraging for a senior.

    Running, for example, is one of the most popular forms of exercise in Western countries. However, half of the riders get injured each year, according to a study quoted by Time. For people over the age of 40, sports with significant knee, shoulder and joint stress carry a high risk of injury.

    While essential for good health, these physical activities are discouraged for those who wish to minimize the risk of injury. If the goal of a sportsman is to get the benefits of sport while preserving his joints, the experts remind us that walking and swimming are two low-risk, high-profit activities.

    Beware of traps

    Swimming combines aerobic exercise and resistance training, which means it improves fitness and strength. Walking, on the other hand, is associated with both a long life span and a reduced risk of medical expenses. Yoga is also considered a form of low risk activity, and very rewarding. These three sports, when they are practiced regularly and moderately, thus allow to stay in good health, in good physical form, without hurting themselves.

    For those who enjoy more physical training, there are ways to reduce the risk of injury associated with high-impact sports:
    • Avoid overtraining. If you practice the same sport or do the same type of exercise every day, and especially if you push hard, you risk getting into trouble.
    • Try to relax at the beginning of training, and increase the pace gradually. If you are planning to run a marathon, sign up for next year's, not this year's, and incorporate other forms of exercise such as swimming and yoga to boost your stamina.
    • Finally, do not neglect your heart. When this organ is not strong enough, it can cause injuries to the arms or legs. Pilates classes can improve your muscle strength.

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