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  • Thursday, November 28, 2019

    What sports to lose buttocks, thighs and hips?

    What sports to lose buttocks, thighs and hips?

    It can not be repeated enough: no lasting weight loss without regular physical activity. This is particularly true for the pounds accumulated on the buttocks, thighs, hips. To lose weight of the lower body, we must focus on endurance sports. Walking, cycling, skipping rope and swimming will become your best allies for narrowing down and gaining tone.

    Your hips and buttocks are too wide, your thighs too thick, and your belly too round? This gynoid-type silhouette (fat accumulates in the lower body) is largely genetic and closely related to hormonal secretions.

    To erase these fat deposits, it is not enough to eat less, it is also necessary to put to sport. No need to get into a sprint series! Only an activity practiced at moderate intensity for a long time can draw on the fat reserves. A little check-up with your doctor is recommended if it's been several years since your trainers hang in the closet.

    Transform fat into energy

    The explanation is physiological: to turn fat into energy, muscles need oxygen. The more oxygen you miss (which results in shortness of breath), the more sugars you burn; Conversely, the easier you breathe during exercise, the more you turn fat.

    Hence the interest of promoting efforts that work according to the oxygen / lipid alliance, that is to say endurance sports: brisk walking, cycling, jogging, swimming and, indoor, rowing, elliptical, treadmills and group classes of aerobic type.

    The right dosage? At least 45 minutes of walking a day, and / or a sport two to three times a week.

    Walking to melt fat

    You are not sporty? All forms of activity are beneficial to the line and, often, walking quickly and tonic enough to melt fats and tone abdominals, thighs and glutes.

    For effective work, invest in a pedometer. Easy to use, this small device is attached to the belt and counts the number of steps and distance made throughout the day.

    The most motivated can also use a heart rate monitor, which measures the heart rate in real time, a plus to get to know each other better and improve its performance.

    Swim to erase his saddlebags

    This is one of the most recommended activities to erase the saddlebags and tone the abdominal strap! Thanks to the water lift that reduces stress on the joints, back and tendons, you can swim for a long time avoiding pain and limiting fatigue, regardless of age and body.

    In addition, swimming has a draining effect that lightens the legs. To increase the benefits, vary the swims and put flippers from time to time.

    Cycling to strengthen your abs

    The advantage of this discipline is its fluid movement and without shocks on the skeleton. Aside from back, knee or hip pain, which requires medical advice, we can all get started.

    As in swimming, the joints are relieved of a part of the weight of the body. By pedaling a long time on a little hilly terrain, you strengthen your abdominals, your thighs and the areas that connect them to the buttocks: top to erase the breeches!

    Top also: aquabiking, which combines the benefits of an aquatic activity with those of cycling on dry land. The anti-cellulite activity par excellence!

    The skipping rope to strengthen the legs and buttocks

    This is an activity that is cheap and easy to practice everywhere! The skipping rope is a complete sport and fat burning: 15 minutes of skipping rope bring the same benefits as 30 minutes of jogging!

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