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  • Monday, December 9, 2019

    Ashtanga yoga: a physical discipline

    Ashtanga yoga: a physical discipline

    Ashtanga yoga is a particularly physical discipline and sport. Delphine Denis, yoga teacher and creator of the Casa Yoga studio and platform we discover the benefits of this discipline.

    Ashtanga yoga has contributed to the development of yoga in the West. It was developed in India in the early 20th century from a very ancient manuscript, Yoga Korunta.

    Ashtanga Yoga: What is it?

    In Ashtanga yoga classes, the same series of postures is always performed. As you progress, you go a little further in the series, then eventually move on to the next, more advanced series. There are six different series, and each series has a number of postures. We do not move to another series until the previous one is finished. For example, the first series has 47 postures, and requires several years of practice to achieve all!

    Moreover, very few courses offer the second series. It is rather offered during courses or workshops.

    At each class, we do the same postures: greetings to the sun A and B, then a series of standing postures: warrior, triangle, torsion triangle, tree...

    We go to the postures on the ground: the forceps, the twists, the candle, the fish, the postures on the head, and finally the relaxation.

    The sequence of postures is punctuated by the breath ujjayi (breath victorious). He slows down the breathing to stall the movements and warms the body. It also helps to focus and the quality of this sound (which is a bit like the sound of a wave) also gives an idea of ​​the quality of breathing and concentration.

    It causes significant physical expenditure and promotes the elimination of toxins from the body.

    The duration of the lessons is, in general, one hour and a half but to realize the first series in full it is necessary to count until two hours. According to the professors, the courses accommodate between 10 and 15 students maximum.

    Who is Ashtanga Yoga for?

    This activity is rather reserved for young people and sports because of its physical character. It is therefore necessary to have a good recovery capacity. It also appeals to people who seek a certain discipline, because of always doing the same postures. It also makes it possible for them to appropriate them, and to become more autonomous in their practice.

    Ideally, ashtanga yoga is practiced 6 days out of 7, and except the days of full moon and new moon.

    Namely: repetitive movements can cause joint injuries due to repetitive stress in case of daily practice, if the postures are not performed correctly.

    What contraindications?

    Ashtanga yoga is contraindicated for people with joint problems, pregnant women, people with severe diseases.
    It is also best not to practice it in case of fever.

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