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  • Monday, December 9, 2019

    Chrononutrition and flat stomach: 10 tips

    Chrononutrition and flat stomach: 10 tips

    Eating well at the right time: this is the principle of chrononutrition, a slimming method developed by Dr. Delabos. His 10 tips to find a flat stomach. The results will be visible from two weeks.

    To destock your kilos in the abdomen, follow the principles of chrononutrition. This method follows the natural rhythms of the body: we eat fat in the morning, protein at lunch, sweet at snack and light at night.

    1. Choose the right bread in the morning

    Prefer the bread bought in bakery, and more particularly the traditional baguette, the 4 cereals or Poilâne bread. Baked bread does not contain sugar unlike industrial breads.

    As for the quantity, it must be between 40 and 60 g (approximately ¼ of baguette).

    2. Eat cheese and eggs in the morning to avoid bloating

    The cheese and eggs eaten at breakfast are stored in the upper body and not at the belly. They also allow you to eat less in the evening, a time of the day when you have a tendency to bloat.

    3. Answer your appetite properly

    Do not hesitate to increase the amount of cheese for breakfast, meat for lunch, and fish in the evening, because these foods give no volume in the body.

    The animal proteins they contain will avoid you to refer to the plants which, they, make balloon.

    4. Respect the amount of starchy foods

    The right dose of starchy foods is 10 cl (2 tbsp) if you measure less than 1.60 m, 15 cl (3 tbsp) if you measure 1.70 m, 20 cl ( 4 cts.) If you measure 1.80 m. And if you are sedentary, starchy foods can be replaced by vegetables in the same quantity but not more, because eating too much vegetables makes you bloat.

    5. Select the right seeds to taste

    Prefer almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, pistachios, olives that provide good vegetable fats in the middle of the afternoon, while cashews and peanuts can cause bloating because they are rich in omega-9 essential fatty acids that cause a liver reaction.

    6. Munch a fruit only at the snack

    The fruit eaten at 16:00 relaunches the necessary energy until the evening. One fruit is enough if you measure less than 1.70 m. You can eat two if you measure 1.80 m.

    To avoid, because they contain a lot of slow sugars which make balloon: the banana and the chestnut.

    7. Think about the chrononutrition bars* for snacking

    Many reasons can make you want to crack between meals: stress, fatigue, an inadequate meal ... Take a bar or a toast of chrononutrition can nibble smart. These products contain tryptophan, an amino acid that calms hunger and gives neither weight nor volume to the body.

    * Available on

    8. Prefer cooked vegetables

    Recommended for dinner, the vegetables are cooked and mixed. The fibers are then better tolerated and do not bloat.

    9. Avoid vegetables in soup, velvety...

    Vegetables should not be taken in liquid form because they are important vectors of water retention, and the intestine has trouble managing this too diluted food.

    10. Hydrate yourself with the right drinks

    To have a flat stomach and avoid bloating, drink, preferably, mineral water flat. And if you like sparkling waters, go for those with fine bubbles. More diluted, they make less volume in the intestine.

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