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  • Thursday, December 26, 2019

    Post-pregnancy flat stomach: an exercise to test

    Post-pregnancy flat stomach: an exercise to test

    When the abdominal muscle has been stretched by the uterus during pregnancy, it is sometimes difficult to find a flat stomach, despite efforts in eating and sports. A simple technique, practicing 10 minutes a day, can help realign the muscles.

    Many new mothers are experiencing the challenges of physical changes in pregnancy, and the desire to feel good about themselves after giving birth. For some, getting back into shape is quick, but for others, it's more complicated. Despite good food hygiene and regular exercise, abdominal fat refuses to disappear? You may be suffering from what is called the rectus diastasis, or abdominal separation.

    It is a deformation caused by the stretching of the abdominal muscle in the space around her navel by the uterus which grows during pregnancy. This problem is more common in women who have given birth to twins, or who have given birth several times in a relatively short period of time. To correct the abdominal separation and find a flat stomach, you must realign the abdominal muscles.

    Breathe deeply

    For quick results, the Reader’s digest website recommends a 10-minute exercise, which is very easy to perform. Sit cross-legged on the floor, hands on stomach and breathe deeply, letting your stomach expand completely. Then, when you exhale, draw your abdominal muscles as far as possible towards your spine. The pelvis, shoulders or chest should not move. The abdomen is the only one working. With your stomach flattened against your spine, start to breathe deeply and push your stomach further and further with each exhalation. Repeat the exercise for 10 minutes.

    A small pilot study at Weill Cornell Medical Center-New York Presbyterian Hospital, followed the progress of 63 women with diastasis of the great rights. After 12 weeks of daily exercise, all the women had repaired their abdominal deformity. Some have even lost a few inches around their waist.

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