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  • Friday, January 3, 2020

    Doing sports when you are sick: good or bad idea?

    Doing sports when you are sick: good or bad idea?

    Should you sweat when you have a fever? Nothing could be further from the truth, say the doctors. If exercise is great at preventing illness, and has no effect on a cold, you should know how to stop if you have the flu or fever.

    Exercise is excellent for preventing disease: immune cells circulate more easily when you move. Moderate activity such as walking, cycling or running would cut the risk of respiratory infection and other common illnesses in half. But what about exercise when you're sick?

    According to experts cited by the, practicing sport if you have a cold would have no effect on the duration or severity of symptoms. If a person with a cold wants to continue their training, there is no risk of injury more than usual. But if you have the flu or some other form of infection that causes a fever, it's a very bad idea. Exercise is a form of physical stress that makes the work of the immune system more difficult. However, some people tend to think "if I have a fever, I have to sweat".

    Resume gently

    The consequences can be serious, says Time. In the 1990s, Australian researchers observed a form of chronic fatigue syndrome in some athletes who continued to exercise while suffering from the flu. In some cases, the disease has persisted for several years. The authors of this work are not sure of the cause, but suggest that the virus can spread in the body and attack the immune system, causing constant fatigue.

    Stopping sport for days, even weeks, is a difficult decision for many people. But in case of flu or fever, you have to know how to stop. Once the fever is gone, experts recommend waiting a week before resuming exercise. Start with long walks, then resume moderate workouts. If you feel good after a week, you can resume your regular training. But if you notice muscle pain or weakness, give yourself a few extra days of rest.

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