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  • Friday, January 3, 2020

    Fly Yoga aerial yoga to learn to let go while having fun

    Fly Yoga aerial yoga to learn to let go while having fun

    The Fly Yoga method is a yoga that is practiced in a hammock. It allows you to connect to yourself through movement. Florie Ravinet, the creator Fly Yoga, makes us discover her principle and her assets. And explains to us how an aerial yoga class takes place.

    The Fly Yoga method was created in 2009 by Florie Ravinet, and validated by a multidisciplinary team including physiotherapist, osteopath, psychologist, midwife... Fly Yoga is part of a process of connection to oneself through movement and with a hammock as support.

    Fly yoga (c): its assets

    This type of aerial yoga allows work on several levels:
    • Biomechanics: it alleviates joint stress and can be beneficial in relieving back pain by decompressing the spine.
    • Muscular: the fact of being in permanent instability leads to a work of the deep muscles as well as those of the surface layer, which allows a global work of muscular strengthening.
    • Emotional: Fly Yoga is performed on a hanging canvas, the participant is outside of his comfort zone. So he learns to trust himself, to go beyond his limits and to dilute his fears.
    • In the end, The Fly Yoga method (c) allows, in our ever-changing society, to learn to let go in a cocoon bubble with a playful side to the taste of childhood.

    The benefits of the method appear from the first course, but it takes about three courses over a period of about fifteen days to allow the body and mind to adapt.

    The Fly Yoga method: who can practice it?

    No prerequisite is necessary to practice this method validated by health professionals. It is accessible to all! But it is particularly recommended for people who suffer from low back pain or joint problems.

    Only the upside down position can be a problem for people with high blood pressure or heart problems, but there are other alternative postures.

    How is a course?

    It lasts an hour and allows you to stretch, strengthen your muscles, test your balance and relax.

    The Fly Yoga class begins on the ground with a phase of concentration, then we continue with a warm-up which allows us to come into contact with the hammock. There followed a series of positions with progression in difficulty. These positions are taken from yoga, Pilates, energy techniques, circus. They allow you to soar before coming back down in contact with the ground and to make room for relaxation, opening up a space for meditation.

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