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  • Friday, January 3, 2020

    Successfully quitting smoking with the electronic cigarette

    Successfully quitting smoking with the electronic cigarette

    It is less risky for your health to smoke than to smoke. How to successfully quit smoking with the e-cigarette? Advice from doctors on the rules to follow.

    If the electronic cigarette has enabled millions of smokers to quit, it remains controversial, especially as to its possible dangers. Many doctors, however, believe that it facilitates smoking cessation. Under certain conditions.

    Choose the right e-cigarette

    Professionals recommend above all taking their time to test several models of electronic cigarette. "The vaporiser breakdown is a major cause of smoking cessation during the first weeks of abstinence," says Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg, pulmonologist and tobacco specialist.

    • The reservoir (or cartridge): it stores the e-liquid. "You need to have liquid in advance or several cartomizers," says Professor Dautzenberg.
    • The e-liquid itself: it may or may not contain nicotine. propylene glycol or glycerol, and different flavors. They are the ones who define its taste, and whether or not you like to "vape". Choosing a flavor that pleases is therefore one of the keys to successful weaning. Be careful, however, with certain flavored liquids (cinnamon, vanilla, menthol, etc.) which are attractive, but could present potential dangers. Products sold in France are assessed by the National Health Security Agency. There is also an Afnor standard (on a voluntary basis) which guarantees their quality.
    • The rechargeable battery: it supplies the current which heats the resistance. The higher its voltage, the higher the temperature and the greater the quantity of vapor released. For heavy smokers, their autonomy is another factor to take into account. The big batteries last the day, the smallest, less. You must therefore ensure that you have a way to recharge it or that you have two models.
    • The electrical resistance: it heats and vaporizes the liquid contained in the tank, which we vaporize. Called atomizer or cartomizer when the resistance and the “cartridge” are combined.
    To associate with patches for heavy smokers
    The electronic cigarette is considered an aid to smoking cessation by the High Council of Public Health. But it is not considered a nicotine replacement like patches, gums or tablets, and is not supported. Tobaccoologist Anne Borgne believes that it can replace or supplement these substitutes, when they are perceived as too passive. Heavy smokers, in particular, can combine it with patches.

    Do not reconcile electronic cigarette and cigarette

    The main condition for smoking cessation is - logically - to be an exclusive vaper, therefore not to combine vapor and cigarette. “It is very rare for those who exclusively vape to return to tobacco. On the other hand, for those who vape and continue to smoke (steamers), dependence remains very high", underlines Professor Dautzenberg. And the risks associated with inhaling the carcinogenic compounds in cigarettes persist.

    Know your nicotine needs

    The vaped liquid generally contains nicotine, important for those who wish to substitute the e-cigarette for the conventional cigarette. It is better to know its needs and not to under-dose it compared to the quantity to which the body is accustomed. In Europe, the maximum authorized concentration of nicotine in liquids is 20 mg / ml. Tobaccoologists recommend starting as much as possible and then gradually lowering the dose, at your own pace.

    Seek optimal satisfaction

    The body language associated with steam in the throat provides a positive feeling. "This is the most that brings the electronic cigarette and that you have to look for," insists Dr. Borgne. After an emotion, a meal, in the evening, it is this satisfaction that would help the abstinence of people addicted to tobacco. "Pleasure is an imperative obligation for it to work," recognizes Professor Dautzenberg.

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